We know that your guests and customers expect the highest quality, so our job is to provide just that: First in class quality in the industry in everything we do for you.

Dishwasher Staffing

Our Dishwasher staff are both effective and methodical. They are all trained to do their job and ready to perform when they arrive at your location.

We take care of everything when you rent dishwasher staff with us, our personnel is insured and they show up. By renting our staff, you are insured against sickness, poor employees and all the problems that follows having your own dishwasher staff.

Restaurant Cleaning

A proper cleaning is a must for every restaurant. Of course! That is what we provide. We are experts in this field and have many years of experience in just this.

All our employees have completed the necessary training required to be the best in the industry. The materials we use, are allergy- and environmentally friendly. We believe our employees and customers deserve that.

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Speed and quality is key for our employees in hotel cleaning. We know that your guests expect the best when they enter your hotel and we are well aware that our job is to provide that… without exception!

That’s why we train all our hotel cleaning staff and only the best gets to stay on the team. They understand that they represent your business in meeting you guests and they are always able to deliver an outstanding service.

Hotel Cleaning

Even with the limited amount of time available between check-out and check-in, our employees are able to deliver the quality cleaning service required for your guests to have the best experience of a clean hotel room.

Since we use some of the most eco- and allergy friendly products in the industry, we know what creates a healthy indoor climate.

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of cleaning services to the Hotel and Restaurant industry, so please contact us today and we’d love to come visit you for a chat about how we can help you. No strings attached of course.

Personnel Sourcing

We have some of the cheapest dishwasher and cleaning staff in the industry and we are not afraid to rent them out. Our dishwashers love working for different companies and they are very methodical and efficient.

All staff is trained and ready to work when they arrive at your business.

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