Rengøring-Kbh History

Rengøring Kbh was founded in 2005, and has since been a stable supplier of cleaning services.

We provide the professional cleaning service that is necessary to contribute to a good working environment. We believe that is important to your business.

Our longstanding experience means that we can mange cleaning tasks of all sizes for small, medium and large companies as well as public institutions. Of course we also offer cleaning services to private individuals.

Our able and trained staff are able to step up at short notice if your restaurant is missing and missing. a dishwasher. We have skilled and accountable employees who always have the relevant experience and background to solve your needs.

We focus on our customers and we know that a good cooperation is based on mutual honesty and trust. We are well aware that it is important for you, that you can welcome your guests, customers and employees into a clean environment.

Quality is an active term at Rengøring KBH. We strive to provide very high quality cleaning solutions, with a customer centric high service standard.

The materials we use in our production are among the industry’s most allergy and environmentally friendly. We found that both your employees and our employees deserve that and of course, our nature does too.

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Rengøring Kbh


We desire to be the leading sustaibable cleaning company. Our employees should be happy to be employed with us and we want to give our clients the best service in the industry.


We desire to maintain a customer centric business that delivers first class industry service. We will work hard at attracting and maintaining talented employees and we want to use allergy and environmentally friendly products.



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